Production Credits

  • Produced recordings for Chris Perkins
  • Produced recordings for 7&UP band
  • Produced recordings for Lil Dameon and Raw Coco
  • Additional production for YKNOT? and Hazelpop
  • Mixed/Mastered recordings for Chris Perkins
  • Mixed/Mastered recordings for Lil Dameon and Raw Coco
  • Mixed/Mastered recordings for 7&UP
  • Mixed/Mastered recordings for YKNOT?

Other Noteworthy Skills:

  • Creative Director for own music brand
  • Performed on stage with The Driver Era
  • Content creation for social media accounts (Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube)
  • Booking and Scheduling live appearances
  • Music Songwriting & Composition
  • Graphic Designing (song artwork, promotional material, social media posts)
  • Directing & Filming (Music videos, skits, video content)
  • 3 years of trained vocal lessons
  • Worked as a private guitar music instructor
  • Self-managing music career
  • Managing Genius page (own page and artists) with up to date lyrics and songs
  • Copyrighted own music
  • Tracking metadata for songs and play counts
  • Registering music with organizations to collect royalties (PROs, MLC, Distrokid)
  • Public relations
  • A&R skills
  • 7 years of live theatre performances
  • Web design
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