Chris Perkins Talks “Jump Force”, Back To You Music Video, and more!

Last month, upcoming artist Chris Perkins surprised fans by announcing weekly YouTube videos that were uploaded every Friday throughout July. These videos ranged from: behind the scenes content, new songs, as well as visual content for previously released songs. We took the time to interview him to find out what he’s been up to and what’s coming up next.

CSOM: Hello Chris! After a long period of silence, what made you decide to finally put these YouTube video now?”

Chris Perkins: “I wanted to put these videos out because it’s stuff I’ve been working on for a while. It’s way past due for them to come out. I decided to put them out now to give me more time to finish up the new music. This gives fans something to hold on to and let them know I’m still here along with the chance to have closure with the song “Back To You” since I’ve been trying to promote that song for a while. But now I’m finally ready to move onto the next chapter”

CSOM: “The final drop of the month was a surprise that contained your new song, “Jump Force” that was paired with an accompanied “blast from the past” music video. What can you tell me about that video?”

CP: “This video was a fun last minute idea I came up with where I wanted to take it back to the DJReplayReplay days where I would sit in front of my tablet and record videos of me eating ice cream for my old YouTube channel in middle school. There wasn’t anything serious about the idea because the track itself is short and playful so I created a video to match the song. I’m excited to have released this song next because many of my friends have been asking for it and it’s a groovy song that’s fun to play live.”

CSOM: “It’s a hilarious video that fans are certain to enjoy especially the long term ones who knew how you started. But right before this video, you released the highly anticipated “Back To You” music video which contained eye-catching visual shots of you playing multiple instruments with LED light backgrounds. What was it like to create your own music video? How has the reaction been?”

CP: “This music video was a huge test. Not only for the audience, but for myself to see if I can create my own visual content to match my music because it’s all stuff I’ve wanted to learn but never took the time to, until now. The video was shot, edited, and directed by myself so I had 100% creative control and got to push my limits. That’s the main reason why I went silent for so long. I went to Europe last year, promoted my music out there, and came to the realization that it’s hard to promote yourself without having visual content to show off. This is a necessary step in order to be an “artist” because before I viewed myself as only a musician since I was creating what everyone was hearing. Now, I’m taking it up a notch and I’m in control of what you see. The feedback has been amazing because everyone is super supportive about the whole thing. As we speak, the video has over 100 views on YouTube and received the most likes a video has on my channel. It feels good knowing something you’ve worked hard on pays off. Thank you everyone for providing me this playground to explore my ideas.”

CSOM: “So what’s next for you Chris Perkins?”

CP: “New music. Tons of it. My next single is getting wrapped up. More information on that soon. I’m hoping people continue to enjoy these videos so it can hold them over until the new stuff arrives. As for after that, as long as I stick to my deadlines more stuff will drop later this year. My plans always change so I don’t want to give away too much just yet,” He laughs.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Be sure to check out “Back To You” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services along with the new music video. Follow @chrisperkinsmusic on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to “Chris Perkins Music” on YouTube.

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