Avery Harden Is Drippin “Fiji” With Hot New Summer Single

By: Chris Perkins


“SOMEBODY GOTTA SEE ME!” boasts Avery Harden in the intro of his latest single, “Fiji”. While other rappers are after the best “juice” and “sauce”, Harden’s focus is the pursuing the highest quality of water: FIJI. “I really like Fiji water and wanted that “catchy, replay value” song so I played around with the wave hip hop lingo and added my own consciousness to it,” Avery explains. “It was all meant to be playful and fun, nothing too serious.” The new single along with the music video were released last Friday and already, the song has risen to the #1 most popular song on his Spotify page. When asked why put the song out now, Harden responded, “I had a lot of back and forth because of the climate but decided to let it loose 1. It’s been a while since I put out a track and 2. With this elevated climate, I have a hard time with tension and confrontation so giving good vibes to my fans seemed like the move.”

Shoutout to fellow artist Cam Archer (@camarcher) for being featured on the track, Dylan Kusch (@dylankusch) for tackling the production, and 5MITH (@iam5mith) for mixing and mastering this thirst-quenching track. Go support their works as well if you enjoy what you’re hearing.

Director Timothy Cruz supports Harden’s vision for a laidback song with an accompanied music video loaded with refreshing visuals. The music video captures the island setting and doesn’t fail to deliver the energy that Harden gives off on the track. Harden wanted to stray away from complexity and only contain the essentials: beautiful women, having fun, and LOTS of FIJI water. Harden even goes to the extent of spending $1500 just on FIJI Water alone for the video! Side note: FIJI should take advantage of this promotion and use this for a commercial.

Get in on the new #FijiChallenge and share your videos on Tik Tok, Instagram, and everywhere else. Make sure you tag Avery Harden and play the song Fiji in the background to help promote the track! Go grab a bottle of FIJI, your cell phone and start recording!

Video credit: Z3R0

If you’ve just discovered him, Avery Harden is a LA based artist that was blessed with opportunities to open for artists such as Young Thug, Hopsin, and along with other big names. He’s known internationally and went to the length of independently booking an Australian tour in 2018 and 2019. Check out his latest album, Atlantis along with the rest of his discography that contains 100 songs. Currently, “Fiji” serves as a standalone single and Harden has plans to drop more singles throughout the year to continue growing his fanbase. Go stream your new favorite song of the summer!

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