FS Studios Talk “Quarantining It Cool”, New Music, And Life At Home With Group Debut

By: Chris Perkins

Pictured: Andrew (Left) and Ryan (Right) Fremont-Smith

If you’ve been bored in quarantine and need some new entertainment, look no further. This new group has taken advantage of their newfound “freedom” in quarantine by putting together the YouTube channel “FS Studios”. FS Studios is comprised of brothers Andrew and Ryan Fremont-Smith who come from Newburyport, Massachusetts. The two brothers recall their long history with music, tracing back to their days at Ipswich High School. “There was a great music program, and so from there we both learned how to play a multitude of instruments,” Andrew reminisces. When asked about what instruments they played, Andrew responded with “Trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, piano, and guitar but Ryan learned alto sax, tenor sax, and bass guitar along with piano and guitar as well”.

The FS Studios channel made its debut back in May with original song “Quarantining It Cool”accompanied with a laid back music video highlighting what the brothers have been up to in the current climate. Typically I’m not crazy about songs focused about quarantine, but this song combines elements of R&B and Soul to provide you with a song that’ll soothe your anxieties and concerns about the world. This song puts Ryan Fremont-Smith in the spotlight as he exclusively wrote, produced, and played the instruments you could hear on the track. Born out of the misfortune of losing gigs and moving back home from St. Petersburg, Florida due to COVID-19, Ryan shortly learned that this was a blessing in disguise as it gave him the chance to relax and enjoy home life with his family. “Well if I have to quarantine, I might as well quarantine it cool” Ryan proclaims. And the rest is history. Meanwhile, his brother Andrew directed the music video along with the video production.

Quarantine life has been treating them well because their parents were able to keep their jobs thankfully since schools switched to online. “Our dad is a fifth grade music teacher so a lot of our quarantine has been assisting them with tech problems such as recording videos so that’s where the YouTube channel stemmed from,” Andrew explains.

Although, they only have original music and covers currently on the channel, Andrew elaborates that FS Studios will grow and prosper into much more including comedy sketches, more original music, and even a potential weekly sports podcast. “Although Ryan and I may not be together in these ventures, but it will always involve one of us” Andrew reassures. This is exemplified with their latest video only featuring Andrew in the spotlight as he performs a Simon and Garfunkel cover.

Andrew Fremont-Smith performing Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”

Check out Ryan Fremont’s brand new single, “Pay The Price” out now on their YouTube channel! This song pays tribute to those who have fallen victim to police brutality which is extremely relevant with the current state of our country. You can keep up with FS Studios on Instagram @fs_studios_gram or on Facebook @fsstudiosfb.

One thought on “FS Studios Talk “Quarantining It Cool”, New Music, And Life At Home With Group Debut

  1. Love it! I’m totally enjoying seeing this brother duo! Quarantining It Cool, I thought was outstanding!


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