Luke Swierczek Enters The Music Industry with His Debut EP

By: Chris Perkins

Released: October 15, 2019

I wrote these songs when inspiration struck me, so I immediately got to writing!

Luke Swierczek

On October 15, 2019, rock n’ roll’s newest artist, Luke Swierczek began his musical journey with his debut EP, Pronounced Sware-Zak. His EP contains tracks such as the catchy “Stubborn”, the soothing “Nightwalk Reminiscing”, and the psychedelic closer “Doors of Perception”. The title of the EP was named because “Polish last names are hard to pronounce so I decided to clear the air on that” which also adds a sense of authenticity due to the songs being his personal experiences through life. “I wrote these songs when inspiration struck me, so I immediately got to writing!”

“Pride, comes in many a different form. Pride, may cause you and your love to be torn”

“Stubborn” (2019)

Pronounced Sware-Zak opens with the Beatles-esque track “Stubborn” which takes you back to the 60’s once you hear the infectious opening guitar riff. “Stubborn” serves as his break-up anthem as the song discusses a failed relationship due to his past selfishness. Swierczek recalls “Stubborn” being the first track that started the EP claiming, “It wrote it when I was a heartbroken little teenage boy in the summer of ’16”. This track contains Swierczek’s favorite lyric off the EP, “Pride, comes in many a different form. Pride, may cause you and your love to be torn”. “Stubborn” is my favorite off the EP because I can’t help but snap along to this ear-candy. The theme is something that commonly happens so some fans can resonate with it. I’d love to see him do a remix with a full band behind him to give it a fuller effect.

Next up on the EP is the desert-rock track, “Nightwalk Reminiscing” which is a soothing instrumental track, perfect for a nightly walk. “‘Nightwalk Reminiscing’ came from when I would talk walks in the area around my house all the time” Swierczek recounts. This track is played on an acoustic guitar which makes it all the more calming as he strums through the tune.

“Doors of Perception” is the big finisher to the EP as it closes this chapter of his life with a 2 minute instrumental guitar solo which gives off a Pink Floyd inspiration. The true inspiration from the track comes from an artist by the name of Bane’s World. This dreamy track was written after a bad LSD trip explaining, “I’m not proud of this song’s inspiration…but this song is my favorite out of the bunch”. Coincidentally, this tracked was loved by fans of Swierczek as well, racking up the most Spotify streams out of the three.

Lastly, Luke Swierczek would like to shout out Jason Baxter for helping him produce this EP. He plans to put out new music in 2020. But for now, check out Pronounced Sware-Zak on all streaming services. Spotify link provided below.

Posted: February 21, 2020

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