NEW: Current State of Mind Launch!

By: Chris Perkins

Currently, Music!

— Current State of Mind

Welcome to the launch of Current State of Mind, Internet’s newest music news outlet. Expect to see a diverse amount of content such as one on one personal artist interviews, in depth reviews on tracks/albums, promotion for the newest, hottest tracks, and articles about major news within the music industry.

At Current State of Mind, our purpose is to go beyond the superficial level of music and artists that numerous music journalists tackle and be able to explore the deeper unknown regions. Our motto is: Currently, Music! Rather than hearing artists retell the same story about their past, we focus on exploring what’s going on currently, and look ahead at what’s to come in the future!

Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms by clicking the icons above because we will alert you guys on new posts, videos, and provide updates on Current State of Mind. For now, navigate the website and enjoy the first bits of content we have to offer. If you want to get content directly emailed to you, check out the C O N T A C T tab and don’t forget to subscribe!

Last but not least, I’m very excited to see where this journey takes us and see this idea that started up in my mind brought to fruition. I’d like to thank my friends and family for supporting my ambitious ideas and proving to me that anything is possible if you truly put your heart and soul into it.

Posted: February 21, 2020

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